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Thank you for visiting theBestDigs.com - specialist student lettings in Bath. Whether you are a landlord or prospective tenant, we are here to help. With our unrivalled knowledge of student property and letting to students in Bath, we have designed our service to cater specifically to your needs. We only deal with students meaning that everyone we work with benefits from the knowledge that we are committed to their cause. For the BEST student property in Bath, look no further than theBestDigs.com!

Our Services

What are the benefits of using a letting agent?

Using the right letting agent can bring peace of mind - knowing that the rent collection is something you no longer have to worry about, knowing that when a tap springs a leak it is not going to be you who does the running around, knowing that the tenants that move into your property have been referenced and vetted to ensure that they will 'fit'. Using the wrong agent can be worse than no agent, but using an agent with pedigree can make a world of difference.

What services do theBestDigs.com offer?

As 'full service' residential letting agents, theBestDigs.com offer the full range of letting services - from finding and researching potential tenants to helping you to get your property ready for the tenants to move into, arranging all manner of safety testing and legal compliance requirements and preparing the tenancy agreement. If we are managing a property for a landlord then we will also safeguard the deposit, collect the rent and ensure that all maintenance issues are dealt with in a professional and cost effective manner by our dedicated property manager.

That sounds good, but who are theBestDigs.com?

Our brand has grown organically into one of the market leaders in Bath. Everything we do we try to do better than our competitors - whether it is the way we market our properties, the way we keep our clients 'in the loop', the way that we respect our tenants, the way that we handle problems that crop up, the way that we always strive to 'go the extra mile' - and always with a smile! We have grown leaps and bounds since our humble beginnings - the corporate image has developed to appeal to our core market, our offices are modern and welcoming, we have a team who are all completely committed to exceptional customer service.

We also offer a very important guarantee which makes us different to our competitors:
we NEVER make any money out of our contractors. This is vital for our own integrity - many letting agents will be paid commission by their suppliers for work that is 'put their way' or they will sub-contract out their own maintenance team at a rate far greater than the contractor is being paid. By only using sub-contractors and always charging our clients the exact price that we have to pay for the work we are able to guarantee our clients that they will benefit from our buying power rather than be penalised for it.

Well, it sounds like theBestDigs.com offer a lot - there must be a catch, the costs must be high?

No catch! It is true that it is impossible to provide the highest level of service together with the lowest price. However, our company is in a position to offer exceptional service at a cost effective rate because we have spent years honing our product to be the best and have managed to introduce cost effective systems that help us achieve the best levels of service without it costing the earth.

We have two standard ways of charging for our services. We are happy to quote for any client's particular needs that are 'outside the box' - we are proud to be an independent dynamic company that can do this!

If we are employed by the landlord to find suitable tenants, conduct all referencing and assist in the preparation of the property for the tenancy (and the preparation of the tenancy for the property) and get to the point at which the keys are handed over - we will make a charge equivalent to half of one months rent for our services.

If the landlord employs us to manage the tenancy, whereby we look after the property on an on going basis - rent collection, conducting inspections, proactively planning maintenance, ensuring the rent remains current, handling disputes etc then we will make a charge of 10% of the gross monthly rental income from the first day of the tenancy - please ask us for more information on our management services if this interests you - we don't have to let a property to manage it. Our fees may be subject to VAT, we will let you know if this is the case.

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